Registering microchipped Cyprus cat in the WPN

Registering microchipped pets in the WPN - save your pet's life

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Registering microchipped Cyprus cat in the WPN

If your Cyprus cat goes missing, you will be able to report its disappearance and we will help you find it. Thanks to the microchipped pet register, we get to shelters, animal welfare organizations and veterinarians who may have information about your missing animal. In addition, we try to help by sending direct information about missing pets to veterinary clinics and shelters registered in the WPN. If you have found an animal, read its microchip number with a reader (owned by all veterinarians and pro-animal organisations) and then search the microchipped pet database through the WORLDPETNET microchip search engine: check if and where the animal has been registered. Thanks to the search engine, you will get information on where to look for the animal owner, and if you have trouble, contact the national pet database to help the animal come back home.

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