Registering in the national database of Safari cat animals with a microchip

registering in the national database animals with a microchip - save a pets life

Model: registering-in-the-national-database-of-safari-cat-animals-with-a-microchip

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Registering in the national database of Safari cat animals with a microchip

Now, registering in the WORLDPETNET is an easy and commonly accessible process. If you represent an organization or institution acting for the benefit of animals, you can create your account for free or use the API. Registration of a pet in the WPN can also be made by any pet owner, regardless of pet’s species, gender or a type of inserted microchip. So whether you have a Safari cat, you can comply with formalities yourself or ask your veterinarian to do it for you. The WPN is not just a database of pets’ microchips! It is a community of responsible and caring owners, whom you should join, because since you became the owner of your pet, you have become the person responsible for its fate. If you trust us and register your pet at the pet database in your home country, we will be happy to share this responsibility and actively support you if you need help in search if the pet goes missing. Never assume that your pet is not threatened by such thing. It is a living creature that can get scared or experience another unforeseen event! The shelters are full of animals which have not been microchipped or registered in any electronically tagged pet database.

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