Microchipping and registration of Bambino cat animals in the WPN

microchipping and registration all animals in the wpn - save a pets life

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Microchipping and registration of Bambino cat animals in the WPN

Each Bambino cat pet deserves to have a chance for microchipping and registration in the database. Unfortunately, not all owners understand how important it is to enter the pet in the microchipped pet register. Veterinarians can play a key role in this process. They are the first to receive information about the identity of the tagged animals and they are aware of the consequences of quadruped animal registration or failure to do so. Many times, due to the work they perform, they come in contact with homelessness and abandonment, so ask a veterinarian if he or she makes registration of cat and cats, etc. themselves. Where does he or she pass information about registered and microchipped animals? Does he or she have access to pet registration in the WORLDPETNET? And if you are unsure whether the vet has made a registration in the microchipped pet database, take care of your pet yourself! Register it in the national pet database linked to the WPN!

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