Microchip registration is a duty (necessity) for Persian (Traditional Persian ) cat

microchip registration is a duty - help me to find my family

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Microchip registration is a duty (necessity) for Persian (Traditional Persian ) cat

A microchip is a device that contains information in the form of a unique code consisting of ca. dozen digits (FDX-B or HDX standard), but it does not contain any information about the owner or the animal data. So it may only perform its function of quadruped animal identification if the animal which it is implanted in is registered in the database with all its data and the data of its owner. So, if your pet Persian (Traditional Persian ) cat has been tagged in this way, register the number of the implanted microchip as soon as possible in the national pet database. Provide the necessary information, which, in case of disappearance, will make it possible to find you as an owner and return the pet home. Keep in mind that only after microchip number registration your missing and found quadruped can be identified. An unregistered microchip is just a useless device that will not help to find the animal.

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