Microchip is a reliable identification form for Aegean cat

Microchip is a reliable identification form for all animals - pet recovery system

Model: microchip-is-a-reliable-identification-form-for-aegean-cat

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Microchip is a reliable identification form for Aegean cat

The microchip intended for electronic tagging of Aegean cat is a very simple device, which is the most modern and reliable form of animal tagging. A chip for all dogs, cats, ferrets, horses and all other animals have the same operating principle. These devices guarantee absolute safety, so do not worry that they pose any danger to your pet. Each microchip contains a unique code consisting of ca. dozen digits (FDX-B, HDX), which from the moment of implantation will be your pet's ID, let’s say – your pet’s lifetime ID. A process of cat or dog microchipping is completely safe, painless and easy to perform by each veterinarian. The microchip is placed in the pet with the use of a disposable sterile syringe with the inserted microchip, on the left side of the neck, or between the blades. Microchipping is so far the most effective and efficient method of animal tagging. To additionally minimize stress and discomfort associated with implantation in case of very small animals, the smallest size of currently available microchips: 1.4x8mm, may be used. It is an excellent, minimized chip for small dogs, miniature breeds and all breeds of cats.

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